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Johnny is one of our home grown bulls, born December 24, 2020, by Emmons Ranch VFF Elvis (Registered Beefmaster sire) out of one of commercial Brangus cows (#6, a 2016 model).  He has a gentle disposition along with "the look" making him a great addition to our herd. He is our 2023 and 2024 herd sire and proving to be a nice low birthweight bull.

JFB Rocket


DOB 12/24/2020 Bull


DOB 12/16/2020 Bull

Scurs (Beefmaster/Brangus 2020)

DOB 12/17/2020 Bull

Below are our other Beefmaster sired (Emmons Ranch, VFF Elvis) and Brangus crosses.

Hiefer (Beefmaster/Brangus 2022)

DOB 2/11/22 Heifer

Hiefer (Beefmaster/Brangus 2022)

DOB 2/4/22 Heifer

Rocket is a herd sire prospect we purchased January of 2023 from Jordan Family Beefmasters to cover Johnny's half sisters and mother.  Born October 6, 2021 sired by JFB Woodstock out of 0915 LE, both registered Beefmasters.  He still has a lot of growing to do, but we are excited to see his offspring winter of 2023.

Below are some of our Commercial Brangus Cows (plus two Belted Galloways)

6 (Brangus)
Brangus herd
5 (Brangus)
Heifer field with 2023 calves
Brangus herd
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