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Our new herd sire, Johnny, is one of our AI'd homebred bulls out of Emmons Ranch VFF Elvis (Beefmaster bull) and one of commercial Brangus cows (#6, a 2016 model).  He was born December 24, 2020 at a healthy 74 lbs.  Johnny has a sweet and gentle disposition coupled with "The Look" making him a great new addition to our herd.  We look forward to seeing what traits he passes onto his calves due fall of 2023.

DOB 12/16/2020 Bull

DOB 12/24/2020 Bull

DOB 12/17/2020 Bull

DOB 2/11/22 Heifer

DOB 2/4/22 Heifer

AI sired by registered Beefmaster bull, VFF Elvis, from Emmons Ranch, TX out of our commercial Brangus cows.

Commercial Brangus Cows (plus two Belted Galloways)

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